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This Koala looks like Jasmine and is holding Eucalyptus



koala is laying inside a lifesaver
A group of special Koalas in a row together

“Koalas Will Have Their Day”

We started distributing our products Online in February of 2023.

Want to get in on the action? Mint our NFT or check out our store and pick up some physical products!

Our commitment to donating 3% of revenue means that you purchase our products while making a positive impact.

Koalas Need Us

We strive to provide real support to the ecosystem; starting with 3% of any sales going toward our Koala Fund.

What is Koala Day?

Koala Day is a holiday that celebrates and raises awareness about the conservation and protection of the Koala species.

The holiday aims to educate the public about the importance of preserving the natural habitat of Koalas and the threats they face, such as habitat loss, disease, and bushfires.

Original Roots

We started as a business focused on creating and distributing 3333 unique NFTs, featuring a healthy mix of male and female koalas, along with 33 1/1s from Community Artists.

a koala is reading a kids book to a joey laying in a bed
Trait Book
a closeup of a cheque that a koala is writing
a koala holding a eucalyptus leaf that reads, "adoption leaf"
this is a koala day coffee mug with a blank background
a scene of koalas hanging out at a family barbeque

Meet the Team

We believe that the most important part of starting a brand is having fun!
We strive to create new experiences for our community and ourselves.

A group of special Koalas in a row together

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