Eucalyptus OG Token

Eucalyptus OG is an ecosystem token designed to support and incentivize active participation within the Koala Day ecosystem.

With a total supply of 33 million tokens, Eucalyptus OG is used for staking rewards, accessing premium features, and as incentives for community engagement and development contributions. The token distribution emphasizes ecosystem growth and long-term commitment from all stakeholders, with specific allocations for the founding team, advisors, development, marketing, and community-driven initiatives.

Eucalyptus OG aims to foster a vibrant and dynamic community by rewarding active participation and supporting ongoing development and innovation within the ecosystem. Importantly, Eucalyptus OG is not intended for investment purposes and holds no monetary value, ensuring its primary focus remains on utility and engagement within the Koala Day ecosystem.

Contract Address

The contract can be found on BaseScan: 0xDa2a16ED0C1Da384936CC44C4353B3D801F2EbDE

Token Inbox (email)

You may direct any questions to the official Eucalyptus OG Token email address:


  • Total Supply: 33,000,000 Eucalyptus OG tokens

Allocate the tokens to various stakeholders and purposes, focusing on ecosystem growth and engagement:

  • Founders and Team: 15% (4,950,000 tokens)
    • Vesting Schedule: 25% unlocked at launch, remaining vested over 3 years
  • Advisors: 5% (1,650,000 tokens)
    • Vesting Schedule: 25% unlocked at launch, remaining vested over 2 years
  • Development Fund: 20% (6,600,000 tokens)
    • Used for ongoing development, maintenance, and upgrades within the ecosystem
  • Marketing and Partnerships: 15% (4,950,000 tokens)
    • Used for promotional activities, partnerships, and community incentives
  • Ecosystem Incentives: 25% (8,250,000 tokens)
    • Used for staking rewards, participation incentives, and other ecosystem activities
  • Community Engagement: 10% (3,300,000 tokens)
    • Used for bounties, airdrops, and community-driven initiatives
  • Reserve Fund: 10% (3,300,000 tokens)
    • Reserved for future use and unforeseen circumstances
  • Distribution Methods:
    • Airdrops: Distribute tokens to early adopters and active community members
    • Bounties: Reward contributors for specific tasks and activities
    • Staking Rewards: Provide tokens as rewards for staking within the ecosystem
    • Community Incentives: Tokens used to incentivize engagement and participation in the ecosystem

Implement a vesting schedule to ensure long-term commitment from the team and advisors:

  • Founders and Team:
    • 25% unlocked at TGE (Token Generation Event)
    • 25% after 1 year, 25% after 2 years, 25% after 3 years
  • Advisors:
    • 25% unlocked at TGE
    • 37.5% after 1 year, 37.5% after 2 years

Define the utility and use-cases of Eucalyptus OG tokens within the ecosystem:

  • Staking: Users can stake Eucalyptus OG tokens to earn rewards
  • Access to Features: Tokens can be used to access premium features and services within the ecosystem
  • Incentives: Used as rewards for ecosystem participants, including developers, users, and partners

Outline a roadmap to showcase the project’s milestones and future plans:

  • Q1 2024: Token launch and initial distribution
  • Q2 2024: Staking platform launch and initial partnerships
  • Q3 2024: Introduction of community-driven initiatives and bounties
  • Q4 2024: Platform upgrade and ecosystem expansion
  • 2025 and Beyond: Continued development, partnerships, and scaling of the ecosystem

Plan for engaging with the community to build a strong and active user base:

  • Social Media Campaigns: Regular updates on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord
  • Bounties and Airdrops: Incentivize community members to contribute and promote the project
  • AMA Sessions: Regular Ask Me Anything sessions with the core team
  • Feedback Loop: Implement a feedback mechanism to gather community input and improve the project

The tokenomics for Eucalyptus OG focus on supporting and incentivizing the ecosystem without involving any fundraising or governance model at this stage. The strategic distribution of tokens ensures balanced and sustainable ecosystem growth while promoting long-term commitment and active participation from all stakeholders. The roadmap outlines clear steps for community involvement and future development, ensuring the ecosystem remains robust and dynamic.


Determining whether the Eucalyptus OG token complies with Canadian securities laws involves assessing its characteristics against the criteria set out by Canadian regulators, particularly the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). Here are the key considerations:

  • In Canada, securities laws are administered at the provincial and territorial levels, with the CSA providing a coordinating function.
  • The key determinant of whether a token constitutes a security is often whether it meets the criteria of an “investment contract.”

The CSA generally applies the four-prong test derived from the Howey Test in the U.S. to determine if an arrangement is an investment contract:

  1. An investment of money
  2. In a common enterprise
  3. With an expectation of profit
  4. To come significantly from the efforts of others

Since Eucalyptus OG is an ecosystem token with no monetary value or fundraising, it may not meet all the criteria above, particularly the investment of money and the expectation of profit. However, additional scrutiny is necessary.

The CSA’s Staff Notice 21-327 provides specific guidance on when tokens might be considered securities. Key points relevant to Eucalyptus OG include:

  • Utility Tokens: Tokens that have immediate utility in an ecosystem and are used for purposes other than investment may not be considered securities. However, this is not automatic and depends on specific facts and circumstances.
  • Non-Financial Incentives: Tokens used primarily for accessing services, participating in networks, or as rewards for engagement rather than for financial gain are less likely to be considered securities.

Based on the tokenomics and the intended use of Eucalyptus OG, here is an assessment:

  • No Fundraising: There is no investment of money in exchange for the tokens, reducing the likelihood of the tokens being considered securities.
  • Utility Focus: The tokens are intended for use within the ecosystem (staking, accessing features, rewards), which supports their classification as utility tokens rather than securities.
  • No Profit Expectation: Without a secondary market and the explicit statement that there is no monetary value, there is a reduced expectation of profit.

The structured vesting and distribution without monetary gain further supports the argument that Eucalyptus OG tokens are utility tokens.

Despite the above points, the evolving nature of securities regulation and the specifics of each project mean it is crucial to:

  1. Consult Legal Experts: Engage with legal professionals specializing in Canadian securities law to review the specifics of the token and its ecosystem.
  2. Engage with Regulators: Consider consulting with the CSA or relevant provincial securities regulators for informal guidance or a no-action letter.

Based on the provided information, Eucalyptus OG appears to be structured in a way that reduces its likelihood of being classified as a security under Canadian law due to the absence of fundraising, focus on utility, and lack of profit expectation. However, a definitive determination requires a detailed legal review and possibly engagement with Canadian securities regulators.

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